Calanthe hybrida yellow


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More as 200 species are known of Calanthe, mostly growing in the Far East. Is is very popular in Japan, where they are considered to be holy flowers. The variety of colours seems endless. Some species and cultivars are blessed with a very pleasant parfume. As the flowering timeis the longest of all hardy orhids, this plant is an excellent choice to grow in a patio pot. As this is the only wintergreen orchid, the light green colour of the foliage could be an extra reason to plant Calanthe on a shady spot in the garden. During heavy frost a coverage of old leaves will help to survive a severe winter. These plants are normally delivered in mixed colours, it is not yet possible to choose for a particular colour.

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GrowthThe only wintergreen hardy orchid
FloweringMay - June
Colours White, pink, red, yellow, double coloured, brownish, green
Height35 – 60 cm, depending on hybrid
TemperaturesBetween -10 / +30 0 Celsius
PlaceSheltered shady or semi shady place, avoid full sun
PlantingIn the garden or in a spacious pot, best orchid for pots
SoilWell drained, humus - rich soil, neutral or low pH
WaterWater regurarly between April and September
FertilizingThe same as other perennials, preferably biological
Extra Do not start removing old leaves until after winter, winter cover of old leaves


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