Exclusive Species/ Formosanum


This Cypripedium has a unique characteristic of the other Cypripediums. The flower of this Cypripedium is white with pink dots and has the only opening in the middle of the flower.
What is also typical is that this Cypripedium has a fan-shaped leaf like the other Cypripediums have. The Formosanum blooms in the spring, around April and May.
She achieves a total between 30 and 40 centimeters.

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Height30-40 cm.
Flower sizeCa. 5-7 cm.
ColorWhitish pink with dark spickles
Flowering timeMay
SiteGrows best on semi-shaded spots under trees or shrubs in a neutral or alkaline soil
Growth habitLeave arrives first in early spring, one of the few fan formed leaves. Flowers appear during spring, one of the earliest flowering species. All growth above ground level disappears in autumn like a perennial.
In bloomApril – June
HardinessUntil -25 0 Celsius
UseGrows in the garden or in a large container
WaterWater regularly, roots should not be in water continuously
FertilizationJust like other perennials, preferably organic manure
ExtraOne of the few Cypripediums that have a dent in the flower calyx. Also the leaf looks like a fan. Best to remove the old leaves when the plant has died off completely.


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