Pleione orizaba x Pleione chunii – pink petals, yellow lip


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Pleione is the smallest orchid we offer. It grows in a complete different way of all other orchids. Flowers and leaves appear from several bulbs, growing on the surface of the pot. The size of the bulbs can differ greatly, from small to large…. Size of the flowers and leaves are the same. The plants grow in the wild on rocky outcrops, using the bulbs to store reserve nutrients, so it can survive hard times. In spring, flowers appear first, later the leaves start to grow. Pleione grow in the wild in the mountains of the Himalaya, India, Birma, Laos, Vietnam en China. The plant can grow in gravel, peat blocks or even tuff tone. It is also possible to grow plants using a flat terra cotta dish. Plants are quite hardy and will survive – 5 Celsius.


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