Pleione hybrida pink


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Pleione species can be found in South East Asia. They can grow in a thin layer of old leaves just on the rocks. The flowers of this low growing orchid are quite spectacular. They appear before the leaves start to grow, so they can attrack all attention. The roots are bulb like, buds come out in spring. Let the flowers appear indoor so the amazing flowers can enjoyed! When the leaves have appear after the flowering the plant can be planted in the garden. Every pot contains at least 3 to 8 bulbs.

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GrowthSummer green, tuberiform orchid
FloweringApril - May
Colours White, pink, purple, red, yellow, orange
Height20 – 25 cm with flowers, 40 – 45 cm with leaves
TemperaturesBetween -10 / +30 0 Celsius
PlaceShady, sheltered place, avoid full sun
PlantingIn the garden or in a spacious scale
SoilPeaty, well drained, humus - rich soil
WaterWater regurarly between April and September
FertilizingThe same as other perennials, preferably biological
Extra Can be usused as an indoor plant during flowering


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