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Cyprepediums – Venus Shoe, Lady Slipper – origin from the Swiss Alps to, England, USA, Japan and China. Nowadays these orchids are easy to grow in the garden, as most of the hybrids are stronger as ever. You can compare the growth with a Hosta, getting larger throughout the years. Large plants can be devided if necessary. All Cyprepediums are extremely hardy, they even seem to like a cold spell! Therefore they do not need any winter cover. When planted in a sticky clay soil, it helps to improve the soil and drainage by mixing some gravel before planting.


GrowthSummer green, deciduous perennial
FloweringApril – June, depending on hybrid
Colours White, pink, red, yellow
Height30 – 70 cm, depending on hybrid
TemperaturesBetween -25 / +25 0 Celsius
PlaceShady or semi shady place, north side
PlantingIn the garden or in a spacious pot
SoilWell drained, airy soil, neutral or alkaline
WaterWater regurarly, avoid accessive watering
FertilizingThe same as other perennials, preferably biological
Extra start removing leaves after they completely dead


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