Limited Edition Cypripedium: C. macranthos x C. segawai – 2 plugs per pot


Color: Pink flowers

These plants prefer to grow in a slightly shaded spot, although several hours of sun or full shade are also tolerated. Under shrubs or trees or in the North, West or East position in the garden. Cypripedium is not too picky, although these plants prefer an alkaline type of soil. If possible, dig some substrate, fine gravel or coarse sand through the area where the plants will be placed. If necessary, some lime can also be mixed into the soil. In principle, the other treatment does not differ from other garden plants: fertilize in the spring, possibly again later for extra leaf and root growth.

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GrowthSummer green, deciduous perennial
FloweringApril – June, depending on hybrid
Height30 – 70 cm, depending on hybrid
TemperaturesBetween -25 / +25 0 Celsius
PlaceShady or semi shady place, north side
PlantingIn the garden or in a spacious pot
SoilWell drained, airy soil, neutral or alkaline
WaterWater regurarly, avoid accessive watering
FertilizingThe same as other perennials, preferably biological
Extra start removing leaves after they completely dead