Limited Editions

Limited Editions

It is also possible to purchase lesser-known varieties and hybrids. These are grown in smaller numbers. The number of these hybrids can vary every year. We try to keep you informed as much as possible of any changes or additions.

Bear in mind that this offer can vary every year! We will keep you informed of new offers as much as possible.


If you want to order these special hybrids, please send us a email with your wishes stated. We will send you an invoice and as soon as it is paid, we will dispatch the plants! If it is not possible to deliver a specific hybrid, it will of course not be invoiced.


Limited Editions in the shop:

The following Limited Editions can be ordered by e-mail

– Cypripedium macranthos x s Cypripedium segawai

– Cypripedium pubenscens x Cypripedium segawai

– Cypripedium pubenscens x Cypripedium parviflorum

– Cypripedium parviflora x Cypripedium segawai

– Cypripedium calceolus x Cypripedium segawai

– Cypripedium fasciolatum x  Cypripedium planipetalum

– Cypripedium francheti x Cypripedium macranthos alba

– Cypripedium francheti x Cypripedium segawai