Bletilla pink


Color: Pink flowers

The new Bletilla hybrids are the result of hybridizing several species. Strings of wonderful flowers appear during summer time over a long period. All species are originally growing in the Far East, like China, Japan and Korea. Do not plant them too wet, as the tuberiform roots could freeze during a very cold spell in winter. The flowers appear in wonderful colours: it is not yet possible to select a particular colour. Cover the plants with a layer of leaves or peat during winter times and next spring it will start all over again.



GrowthSummer green, deciduous perennial
FloweringMay - September
Height40 – 55 cm, depending on hybrid
TemperaturesBetween -10 / +30 0 Celsius
Placelight or semi shady place, avoid full sun
PlantingIn the garden or in a spacious pot, best orchid for pots
SoilWell drained, humus - rich soil, neutral
WaterWater regularly between April and September
FertilizingThe same as other perennials, preferably biological
Extra Do not start removing old leaves until after winter, winter cover of old leaves


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